Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Slobodan Maldini (b.1956)

Architect, writer, artist and theoretician of architecture.
The most significant representative of the alternative architecture in Serbia. Graduated architecture 1980. 1978 studied Palladian architecture in Vicenza at professor James S. Ackermann (Harvard University) and Wolfgang Lotz (Cambridge, Mass.) Some of his early works contained eclectic references influenced by the ideas of postmodern architecture in America. 1985 Maldini took part in “Biennale de Paris”, together  with icons of architecture, such as: Rossi, Ando, Botta, Erskine, Foster, Gehry, Maki, Moneo, Murphy/ Jahn, Piano, Hadid, Rogers and others.
A  student of Professor  Bogdan Bogdanović, in the period 1982-1988 Maldini built three architectural monuments in Kosovo - Klina, Istok and Kačanik, expressing pacification of Albanians and Serbs, two nations who  lived there. In the year 1991, by order of Slobodan Milošević, monument in Klina was ruined in the most vandal way possible. This monument cost as much as fifty apartments, while the contract for its construction was signed in 1985 by Serbian President of the Municipality of Klina.
Maldini  wrote “Encyclopedia of architecture” in seven volumes, with over 40.000 entries. This edition includes architecture, town planning, design, interior design and other related arts and sciences. The book “Shadows of Gods”, that Maldini wrote in 1981 and published  2004, refers to history of town planning. 2008 he released “Dictionary of Satanism - Dictionary of exorcism”, 2009 “Porn and Punk Neoarchitecture!”

Exhibition "Architecture to take away" contains authors architectural visions of space that is unbuilt, but isn',t unbuildable.  Maldini's visions  are presented in the forms of architectural 3D models, that can be placed on computer disk or usb stick. Whole exhibition can be put  on the palm of your hand.
Exhibition opening is on Friday, 21. October 2011 at 19h in the Belgrade cult space "Magacin", Kraljevića Marka str. 4.

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